“My favourite Dal memory is from the day the United States President Bill Clinton came to the Arts and Administration Building. My co-workers, as a group, raced back and forth between the office windows hoping to see him arrive. I had the thought that if we were on a ship the momentum of everyone moving as a unit all at once would have caused it to capsize. Realizing he was entering the building at the South Street stairwell we ran to the open door at the entrance to Personnel Services. The President's security officer said we better not step over the threshold or the door would be closed. Just imagine the picture, all my coworkers pressed together to strain to see him in person for a brief second. Oh no, that was not enough to satisfy us! The security officer allowed us to go outside and stand near a railing by the University Club. President Clinton was shaking hands and we arrived just in time to welcome him to Dal.”

Helen W.

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