“It is an honour for me to have completed a program at Dalhousie, and there is a bit of family pride involved in it for me. My mother's family is from Amherst and her entire family are Dalhousie alumni. My grandfather and grandmother both graduated from Dal in the 1920s — Dr. Graham Putnam Hennessey and his wife Frances Hennessey (nee Milner). My mother and her two sisters and brother all attended Dal and completed Education degrees, Anne Steenaerts (nee Hennessey), Frank Hennessey, Joan Hennessey and Margaret Hennessey. Additionally, Frank Hennessey’s wife, Donna Morris, completed her law degree at Dal, as did their daughter (my cousin) Erica Hennessey. So there was a bit of family nostalgia that brought me to Dalhousie and I am proud to add my name to the list of alumni in the family.”

Pete S.

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